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North America: Physical Geography

_________ region includes the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic coastal plain
The ___________ mountains are one of the oldest mountain ranges in the Eastern Region.
The ____________ region includes more than 7,000 islands.
__________ mountains are a part of a system of mountain ranges known as the Cordilleras
One example of the wetlands biome in Florida is the ___________.
The Great _______ lie in the middle of the continent
A _________ reef is one of the most amazing biomes in North America.
The ____________ Shield is a region that is a raised but relatively flat plain.
The __________ region is marked by mountains and deserts
__________ are animals who live in the Everglades.
A biome in which low temperatures along with snow and ice keep trees from growing
A temperate ___________ is located in Washington State
_________ are extremely dry areas located in the Western Region
A community of animals and plants that share the same environment