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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Modern Classical Music

***note*** at one point, the puzzle calls for you to write a 1, but since this program won't allow that, write an i instead.
Tiny Tom?
One of many symptoms of 34-down
Utilized by Google Maps and Garmin
Home for a pool in Pensacola
The younger Manning
Like sucrose
Fanta without fizz?
Nigerian soccer star Musa
Holiday shipping alternative
20th-century composers like 45-across and 22-down
2000 pounds
L'oiseau de ___ (Stravinsky work)
_______ Only [47-down] (kids' novel)
Key West traffic source
A wise gift?
Start codon sequence
Strongly dislikes
Horse-drawn beer bringer
West Point alma mater
___ about (very interested in)
60 Minutes correspondent who covered the Kennedy assassination
Mathematical abbreviation (appropriate for Matlab)
4, 1
__ pal
Example of 20-across who composed 15-down
Teflon ingredient
Judicial smackdown?
Varieties of meat-avoiders
Communications giant
"___ have said..."
2012 New Zealand film starring Hugh Laurie
Title for Schumer
Degree to go back to school?
Pumped, formally
Popular acronym for 2013 video game sensation
Angelic instrument
Spanish ones
Not an island
Netflix series about puberty
Fox's Hannity
Trader Joe's relative
Carpe ___
Sapphire and diamond
___'s Coffee (California-based chain)
Crabs and herpes
Beauty parlor
Opera composed by 45-across
Tax identifier
Small troubles
Example of 20-across
Actor Tahir
Recycling alternative
"I'd like another card"
Baltimore's Poe
Alternative to basement (for storage)
Michigan and Minnesota, in football
Lycian town
Leading cause of disability in the United States
With 'Love,' Childish Gambino hit
Ear-cleaning alternative
Alex who rookied for the Detroit Tigers
Watch reading in Seattle
Calvin cycle component and golf tour
[25-across] Only ___ (kids' novel)
___ rock
Permanently correct one's eyesight
H2SbF7 or HNO3
Toddler-restrictive rating
___ gras
Indication of long, flowing lines (in music)
Rita who sang "Let You Love Me"