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Ancient Africa Vocabulary

Groups of people traveling together across trade routes across the Sarah.
Regions of Africa that is south of the Sahara Desert and extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the West to the Benegal Trough
An exchange of goods, business
The traditional knowledge and beliefs of cultures
Was a state that dominated the Western Sahel in the 15th and 16th Century. Largest African State in history
Emperor, military commander and political reformer of the Songhai Empire.
Is an Ancient city of Mali, situated north of the Niger River.
Native original
Moroccan Muslim Scholar and traveler.
14th century African emperor of Mali, considered richest person in history.
Adaptation, narrowing to specifics jobs
The empire properly known as Awkar, was located in the area of present day Southwestern Mauritania and Western Mali
Traditional storytellers and oral history keepers
Is a town and Urban commune in the inland Niger Delta region of Central Mali.