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Christmas Trees

Residents of this La Peche area can get their trees from Jean Paul Brisebois
Display your Christmas tree away from this heat source (well, all heat sources really)
This tree holds their needles well and are a good choice if the decorated tree is to be left standing for a longer period of time (2 words)
Before setting up, it is recommended to make a fresh one of these at the trunk of your tree
Common decoration that jingles
A live tree needs up to 4 _____ of water per day to stay healthy
In Germany, they put lit ___ on their trees (potential fire hazard)
This type of Christmas tree has strong slender twigs which hold ornaments well and dense foliage and symmetrical proportions make it a very beautiful Christmas tree (2 words)
Chelsea folks can get their trees from her stand along the 105 (3 words)
Smelly perk of having a live tree
Red and white treats you can hang on your tree (2 words)
An acre of live Christmas trees provides enough oxygen for this many people (Google it)
The less of these that fall, the fresher your tree is
Recycled trees can be made into this
This is the most popular Canadian Christmas tree,yet is not a native of North America (2 words)
Use ornaments made out of this material if you have cats or kids
Make sure you add this to keep your tree fresh
This is an attractive tree often used for Christmas trees and has a more distinct bluish-white or silvery-white foliage (2 words)
This dep in Chelsea has been selling trees for years
Get some one of a kind ornaments at the Wakefield Christmas _______, this Saturday, Dec. 8
Stack these under your tree
You'd have to travel to Ottawa to do this, but it makes for a wonderful family outing (3 words)
The angel of death to many trees and their ornaments
Nicky's Trees is set up here
Looking for local? IGA gets their trees from a farmer up in this town
Alternative to a star tree topper
Hang these pretty objects on your tree
These really brighten up your tree
This shiny decoration will add some lustre to your tree
Some lights will flicker in tune with this