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Making Nouns and Adjectives Agree

Using the dictionary entries provided in each clue, make each noun/adjective pair agree in the (number) (gender) (case) each clue indicates.
(plural) (feminine) (genitive) of the noun domus, domus, fem. "house" and the adjective = parvus, parva, parvum (2-1-2) "small
(singular) (neuter) (genitive) of the noun = saeculum, saeculi, neuter "jail" and adjective = sordidus, sordida, sordidum (2-1-2) "dirty"
(plural) (feminine) (genitive) of the noun = puella, puellae, fem. "girl" and adjective = bellus, bella, bellum (2-1-2) "pretty"
(singular) (feminine) (dative) of the noun = cura, curae, fem. "care" and the adjective = aeternus, aeterna, aeternum (2-1-2) "eternal"
(singular) (masc) (genitive) of the noun = senex, senis, masc. "old man" and the adjective = laetus, laeta, laetum (2-1-2) "happy"
(plural) (masc) (nominative) of the noun = color, coloris, masc "color" and the adjective = candidus, candida, candidum (2-1-2) "bright"
(plural) (masculine) (dative) of the noun = fructus, fructus, masc "fruit" and noun = magnus, magna, magnum (2-1-2) "big"
(plural) (masculine) (ablative) of the noun = puer, pueri, masc. "boy" and the adjective = grossus, grossa, grossum (2-1-2) "fat"
(singular) (neuter) (ablative) of the noun = caelum, caeli, neuter "sky" and the adjective = latus, lata, latum (2-1-2) "wide"
(singular) (neuter) (nominative) of the noun = donum, doni, neuter "gift" and the adjective = mirius, miria, mirium (2-1-2) "wonderful"