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Glossary Words/Holocaust Unit

Teacher: Mrs. Flint / Jr. High Literature
National Socialist German Workers' Party - political party taken over by Hitler in the 1920s.
Night of Broken Glass on 11-9-1938 when there were organized attacks against Jews, their property and synagogues.
From a Hebrew word meaning "burnt offering."
Type of camp that could be for labor, prison, transit or death camps.
Germany, Italy, Japan during WW II.
Protection squads; originally Hitler's elite guard, eventually put in charge of death camps.
A walled section of a city in which Jews were forced to live in medieval times.
An organized systematic discriminatory action against Jews.
An ancient symbol the Nazis took over that is now used to symbolize Nazism.
German city where laws were passed in 1935 to make the Nazis' racial mythology into laws.
A Hebrew word used to refer to the Holocaust.
City in Poland and site of large Nazi killing center.
Two words: what the Nazis called the plan to kill the European Jews.
Two words: systematic prejudice against Jews.
U.S., Britain, France, Soviet Union during WW II.
Two words: name for the Nazi regime in Germany from 1933-1945.
The internal security police of the Third Reich (under Heinrich Himmler's command).
Removal of Jews from their homes to a ghetto or death camp.
Type of concentration camp built for the purpose of killing the inmates.
The deliberate annihilation of an entire people or nation.