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Common Rocks

Metamorphic, non-foliated, formed from limestone
Igneous, extrusive, volcanic glass
Metamorphic, foliated, formed from conglomerate
Metamorphic, formed from shale, used for roofing and flooring
Sedimentary rock composed of fossilized shells of sea creatures
Igneous, extrusive, formed from rapid cooling, floats, used for removing dead skin from feet and body
Sedimentary, fine grained rock that forms from silt, can contain petroleum
Igneous, extrusive, dark rock without crystals
Sedimentary, clastic rock, made from small rocks lithified together
Sedimentary rock, often banded, formed from the lithification of sand
Metamorphic, non-foliated, formed from quartz
Metamorphic, foliated, made from granite
Igneous, intrusive rock with large crystals, used in counter tops