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Road to WWII

After a failed attempt to take over the German state of Bavaria, Hitler and several Nazis were imprisoned. Hitler used the time to write his book _____________, which translates to "My Struggle." [two words]
When Hitler finished 2nd in the race for President in 1932, the government decided to appease him and his followers by giving him this position.
Nazis believed in the three K's for women: Kinder, Kueche, and Kirche, which meant "Children, kitchen, and _______"
The _________ Agreement, signed between the British PM Neville Chamberlain and Hitler, allowed Germany to reclaim the Czechoslovakia/Sudetenland territory.
In Nazi Germany, people with disabilities or mental handicaps were ________.
Through brute force and cunning, Stalin earned a spot in this leader's inner circle before he passed away from a stroke (with his dying wish being that Stalin not be put in power).
Because the Allies moreso wanted vengeful retribution than an actual treaty, the Treaty of ___________ handed out harsh sentences on Germany in particular.
Part of the treaty stipulated that Germany accept all responsibility for causing WWI, in what was known as the "war _______ clause."
Some Germans--including Hitler--perpetuated a myth that the German military didn't lose WWI, but rather that they were ____________ from within by the German govt., Jews, and socialists. [4 words, no spaces]
The ___________-Ribbentrop Pact was a non-aggression pact signed between the Nazis and Soviet Russia that allowed the Nazis to focus on their goals without Soviet Russia breathing down their backs.
The very first territory taken over by the Nazis; allies turned a blind eye because they felt that Germany was "merely walking into their backyard."
Per the treaty, Germany had to vastly downsize this.
Italy invaded this 3rd world country to showcase their "might."
Japan was the first nation to violate the treaty with the invasion of this Chinese region.
Another core belief of Nazism was "Lebensraum" or "living ______"
The fascist dictator of Italy.
One of the four themes guiding our WWII Unit has to do with the ___________ of man.
The systematic murder of all Nazi political opponents was known as the Night of the Long ________.
Hitler was very affected by his wartime experiences, and in fact was wounded at this famous battle ["The _____"].
One of the four themes guiding our WWII unit is the notion that war brings widescale geographic and social _________.
Stalin's ______ Year plan to relocate all farmers to govt.-owned farms led to the greatest man-made famine in human history.
Part of Nazi ideology, Nazis were firm believers in "pure" bloodlines, or racial _______.
In 1933, this building caught fire in Germany and Hitler used it as an opportunity to give himself the power to enact laws without consent.
The alliance between Germany, Italy, and Japan was known as the "Pact of _______"
The diplomatic policy of giving into an enemy power's demands in order to avoid conflict.
Part of Nazi ideology was that they believed Jews and Slavs to be "untermensch," German for _________.
A time period in the Soviet Union that began in 1934 and last until WWII, "The Great _______" saw Stalin execute anyone he deemed a threat to his rule.
Nazis promoted a brand of Christianity known as "___________ Christianity," which de-emphasized the Old Testament.
Hitler felt this political system was the greatest threat to world order.
One of the four themes guiding our WWII unit is the myth of the "_______ war"
The Nazis used this Civil War as a testing ground for their new tactics and technology, including bombing runs from the air.
Nazis eventually wanted to expand their culture into this country and make all of its native peoples their slaves.
The German word for the annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany.
Many Soviet political prisoners were sent to these when Stalin and Co. wanted people to disappear.
One of the four themes guiding our WWII unit has to do with the fog of propaganda, often brought on by a process known as ______ washing.
Part of Nazi ideology was that they believed they were the inheritors of the great blood and culture of this people group.