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The Cell

Bacterial DNA acquired from outside sources is carried on small circular structures called...
Hollow polymers of tubulin. Pathways for motor proteins. Structural component of cilia and flagella.
Viruses cannot reproduce...
Structure that contains enzymes for electron transport chain.
Location of single circular molecule of DNA.
ER location for the translation of proteins.
Gram negative bacteria have outer membranes that contain...
Viruses that infect bacteria.
Unlike single stranded positive sense RNA, single stranded negative sense RNA must carry with it...
Actin. Provides structural support for cell. Uses ATP for movement. Involved in cleavage furrow.
How mitochondria kill a cell
Organizing location of microtubules for cellular division.
ER location for lipid synthesis and detoxification.
A subset of plasmids that can integrate into the bacteria genome.
Infections proteins that cause misfoldings in functional proteins.
Cycle where virus does not lyse the cell but rather is replicated as the bacteria replicates.
Bacterial genetic recombination that requires a virus.
Gram positive cell walls consist of thick layers of...
Semiautonomous binary fission extracellular inheritance.
Deep purple stain
Organelle filled with hydrolytic enzymes for breakdown of various substrates.
Required for a donor male to form a sex pili...
Viruses are composed of genetic material, capsid, and sometimes an...
Site of cellular product modifications; addition of carbohydrates, phosphates, sulfates etc.
Microtubule attachment to chromosomes to pull apart sister chromatids.
Bactria do not form multicellular organisms and must protect themselves. Therefore they have...
Because prokaryotes do not have mitochondria, ATP synthesis occurs across the...
DNA coding region.
How bacteria can sense food or chemicals.
Anaerobes that cannot survive in an oxygen containing environment.