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Earth Science chapter 10

Man in Bible who tested god with dew (page 222)
Change from liquid to solid
High cloud that almost never gives precipitation
Energy that results in molecular movement
Type of rain that damages statues
Occurs when dew point is below freezing
All forms of water falling from the atmosphere
_____ point
Precipitation in the form of water crystals
Solid precipitation that can cause lots of damage
Cloud that causes steady rain or snow
Change from solid to vapor
Rain with very fine drops
Change from liquid to vapor without boiling
Cloud that causes heavy rain, snow, or hail
Cooling that occurs when air rises
Change from vapor to liquid
______ water is below the freezing point, but is still liquid
Mass of water droplets or ice crystals
Occurs when rain falls through cold air and freezes
Change from liquid to vapor with boiling
Change from solid to liquid
Amount of water vapor in the air