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LGBTQ TRIVIA: What do you know?

A well-known drag queen famous for ___ Drag Race?
A person who identifies with the sex they were assigned too is ?
When you ask to touch a person or their things what do you ask for?
What does "G" in Lgbt mean?
What is the practice of unfairly treating people or group for who are different?
The trans flags colors are blue, white, and?
Without sexual feeling or association is?
A term, once offensive , nowadays used as an umbrella term for those who do not identify as straight is ?
Having attributes of multiple genders can be?
When is national coming out month?
Sexually attracted to both men and women is?
Whats does the "L" in 'lgbt" mean?
When is pride month?
Trans activist and popular author Janet ___
Not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex,gender or gender is?
What does the "T" in lgbt mean?
Name of the place in Manhattan NYC where was riot for the lgbtqia community?
How many color are in the lgbtq flag?
Whats does the second "P" stand for in pgp?
What does the "A" in LGBTQIA stand for?
Harvey___ is the high school located within HMI
On RuPaul they say, "you better Lip-Sync for your ___!"