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Chemical Structure & Reactions

Teacher: Mr. Umek
Electrons are _____ in ionic bonds
A substance that is involved in
Energy must be _____ to break bonds
Type of energy stored in the bonds of molecules
Model that shows bond length
Model that uses chemical symbols for atoms
The force that holds atoms or ions together
Chemical reaction that absorbs energy
Formed by 2 bonds between 3 atoms
Property produced by metallic bonds
Chemical reaction that releases energy
Substances formed by a chemical reaction
Electrons flow freely in _____ bonds
Molecular compounds have relatively weak _____
Composed of groups of covalently bonded atoms
A substance like sodium chloride with a high melting point
Model that shows the relative size of atoms
The average distance between the nuclei of bonded atoms
The arrangement of atoms in a substance is the chemical _____
Electrons are _____ in Covalent bonds