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Mary trusting God

Mary was a ___
Using your gift for God
To be married
Form of greeting
Giving of yourself
Jacob's father
Thought of highly
Agree to do something
Jesus is God's
Growing in knowledge
Saying hello
___Came upon Mary
The angel that spoke to Mary
When you don't believe
Mary"s cousin
Dwells in us
Gabriel is the ____
Mary was ___ by the holy spirit
Can't make up your mind
Joseph was Jesus's___
Mary was ___ of the Angel
Joseph was Mary's_____
The angel with to ______
Mary & Elizabeth are_____
Hail is a form of_______
Another name for holy spirit
___ is our savior
A honest person
Jesus's earthly father
At ____ Gabriel appeared
Someone you can depend on
A city in Galilee
Someone you can count on
Gabriel is a _____
Mary ___ the LORD
Mary had to___ the angel
Cannot have a child
Not guilty
Joseph's wife
Trusting in God
Joseph is Mary's _____
Jesus's mom
The creator of heaven & earth