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Science Section 3

___ demonstrated the first functional laser at Hughes Research Labs
The most advertised laser surgery uses a ___-fluoride excimer
Substance composed of only one kind of atom
A __ allows electric charge in a direction
Optical __ use lasers to hold small objects steady in a 3-D space
Light-sensitive material that coats a semiconductor wafer
Aurora ______ is known as the Northern Lights
Speed and ___ are advantages over mechanical cutting for lasers
Laser ___ is used to determine a precise absorption spectrum.
___ state lasers are used in dentistry typically.
Single-frequency light is ___
Wavelength is ____ proportional to temperature
Charged Elemental Particles
The most common elective procedure of lasers
Hydrogen with a neutron
Light is both a particle and a _____
Converging laser beams are __
Discover UV + METAL = sparks
The best disc storage device in terms of memory is ___
An external energy source for the laser is called the ___ source
__ vapor is used in fluorescent lamps
Carbon __ lasers are used for laser surgery
Cesium-133's oscillations at ground state define a ___
Type of laser used for high power industrial applications
___ gas is commonly used in incandescent lamps
Dense core comprising most of an atom's mass
Helium-Neon lasers are called ___ lasers
Lamb and __ experimentally demonstrated simulated emission
Gary Starkweather at ___ developed laser printing
The need for more excited electrons than ground state is called population ____
__ was the primary reason for LaserDisc's failure
The first solid state laser was created using
Solar cells rely on ___ to convert light to electricity
Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation
A ___ views emission spectra
CLSM stands for ___ laser scanning microscopy
An active medium needs an optical ___ to function, often consisting of 2 mirrors
Excited states that last microseconds are considered ____
Multiples of a Fundamental Unit of Energy
Red Shift serves as evidence that the Universe is expanding supported by the ____ effect
A functioning confocal laser was demonstrated by ___ and davidovits at Yale
___ worded on a potassium laser at Columbia
N =1 is the ___ state of an atom