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Ch 16 Understanding Weather Sec. 2

Can form when a rapidly spinning of air, called a funnel cloud, touches the ground. (316)
Forms over land; dry (309)
The place where two or more air masses meet. (310)
A very large volume of air that has a certain temperature and moisture content. (309)
An intense storm with strong winds, heavy rain, lightning, and thunder. (315)
Forms over the polar regions; cold (309)
Forms over the Tropics; warm (309)
_______ front forms when a warm air mass is caught between two cold air masses. (312)
Forms when a cold air mass moves under a warm air mass. (311)
Means that severe weather is happening somewhere nearby. (319)
An area of the atmosphere that has lower pressure than the surrounding air. (313)
Means that severe weather may happen. (319)
The vibrations release energy in the form of sound waves. The result is ______. (316)
A tornado begins as a funnel cloud that pokes through the bottom of a _____________ cloud. (316)
Electricity may also flow between clouds and the ground. These electrical currents are _______. (315)
Forms over water; wet (309)
A rapidly spinning column of air. (316)
_________ front forms when a cold air mass and a warm air mass move toward each other. (312)
Forms when a warm air mass moves in over a cold air mass that is leaving an area. (311)
A rise in sea level that happens during a storm. (319)
A large, rotating tropical weather system. (317)
The area over which an air mass forms is called a ________ region. (309)
An area of the atmosphere that has higher pressure than the surrounding air. (313)