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Ms. Guansing's Spelling Words

Teacher: Mrs.Guansing
Everything at Target is very _____.
In the Aloney tribe, the _____ got the biggest hut.
I'm facing ____ right now!
Mount Everest is very _____ and rugged.
Sometimes, my brother is a real ____!
Dad made a circular _____ on the paper.
If you put ____ and chup together, you'll get ketchup.
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice _____!
____ is a dull color, but red is a bright one.
The sun rises in the east, and sets in the ____.
Stay by my side and you'll be ____!
When you eat a lot of ice cream, you ____ weight.
Papa's favorite meat is _____.
If you _____ anything, I'm going to kill you!
On _____ Day, we work-out a lot.
The ____ is the ____, but now is now.
_____ for the stars.
All little kids like _____!
Mother likes to ____ before eating.
Did you know that _____ is a melted and dried metal?