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Earth Science final review

The sun is a ___ size star
_____ hole
Top of troposphere
Causes northern lights
Planet closest to the sun
Both a collection of facts and a process
About 20% of the atmosphere
______ spectrum
Stick in the ground that tracks the sun
Special formula of oxygen
Layer of atmosphere with weather
Biggest planet
Has a diameter about 53% of earth
Blocking of the sun or the moon
_____ planets are between the earth and the sun
Element discovered on the sun before it was found on earth
Big orbiting telescope
Might be a planet, but then again, maybe not
Water falling from the atmosphere
_____ planets are further from the sun than earth
Inner portion of a sunspot
Theory that says earth is the center of creation
Theory that says earth and the other planets orbit the sun
Point where the moon is closest to the earth
Revolves around the earth
The main _____ gases are carbon dioxide and water
The word means wanderer
Point where the moon is farthest from earth
Belief that truth comes from science
Full moon after the 1st day of fall