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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Unit 1: The Roman Empire

The society that developed in the eastern Roman Empire after the west fell was named after this Greek town
Divided the Roman Empire
He was a powerful German king who built a huge kingdom in Gaul.
Uniting Rome was his passion
The capital of the eastern Roman Empire
People who could participate in government
Roman artists tried to make their art _____________.
The language spoken in the eastern Roman empire
She helped her husband rule effectively
Rome's first emperor
The language spoken in the western Roman Empire
He was a Hun who raided Roman territory in the east.
Reunited the two halves of the Roman Empire
__________ is the decay of people's values
Human-made channels that carried water from the distant mountain ranges into Rome or other cities
Ruled vast lands.
The capital of the western Roman Empire
The Byzantine emperors were considered the leaders of government and ________.
Pictures made with pieces of colored stone or glass
Romans focused on how these could improve people's lives