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WWI/Great Depression

The president at the beginning of the Great Depression.
The day the stock market crashed in 1929. (2 words)
These were planted by many Georgians to grow their own food. (2 words)
The government programs created to help fix the economy and end the Great Depression (2 words).
President who established the New Deal.
The insect that devastated the cotton crop in Georgia (2 words)
A cause for Georgia's early economic struggles.
FDR suffered from this disease.
This was the movement of many blacks out of the southern states. (2 words)
Georgia governor who tried to stop New Deal programs.(2 words)
This was "King" in Georgia prior to the state's depression.
The town that FDR went to visit to help with his illness. (2 words)
These manufacturing facilities help make uniforms for soldiers. (2 words)
Georgians bought these to help with the WWI efforts. (2 words)
The capital of Georgia during the Great Depression.