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Science Review Choice Board Activity

Also called terrestrial planets, they have a rocky surface, are small and have few moons
A small piece of rock or dust that is traveling through space
Different populations of organisms living together in an ecosystem
An individual living thing
All the living factors in an ecosystem
The variable in an experiment that the scientist manipulates
An organism that breaks down dead organisms and returns nutrients to the soil
All the nonliving factors in an ecosystem
An animal that has to eat other living things for energy is called a
An organism that feeds only on other animals
The variable that changes as a result of doing the experiment
A space rock that passes through the atmosphere and reaches Earth's surface
Also called the Jovian planets, they are large, and made of gas
All the individuals of the same species in an ecosystem
An organism that feeds on both plants and animals
A variable that is kept constant during an experiment
An animal that feeds only on plants
Organisms that make their own food
They are often called shooting stars as they burn up in Earth's atmosphere