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Math Vocabulary

To flip a figure
A straight line that goes up and down is called _____
Angles that are on the same side of the transversal and in the same position.
A list of x and y values that are used to create a graph.
Rise over run
Lines that never touch
A representation where you plot points from a table or an equation.
Formula used to find side lengths of any right triangle where you are squaring the sides.
Also called the y-intercept
When a graph goes through the origin is called _____
The first point you plot when graphing an equation.
Angles that are opposite sides of the transversal and diagonal from each other.
180 degrees is total degrees in a ______
When you multiply a number by itself 3 times
What a straight lined graph is called.
To slide a figure
Multiply a number by itself two times
A straight line that goes across
To turn a figure
2 angles that add to 180 degrees
This angle equals 90 degrees