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Math 6.3 Large

The distance between the number and zero on the number line. (2 words)
A horizontal or vertical line where numbers represent the distance and direction from zero. (2 words)
The number on the other side of zero that is the same distance from zero as a number.
A whole number, the opposite of a whole number, or zero.
The horizontal number line of a coordinate plane.
A region on the coordinate plane defined by the axes.
A 2-dimensional field where coordinates are represented by numbers on 2 perpendicular number lines. (2 words)
The horizontal value of a point on a coordinate plane.
The line of reflection of 2 symmetrical shapes. (3 words)
A number to the right of zero. (2 words)
A number that can be written as a fraction or the opposite of a fraction. (2 words)
To have the same shape, but mirrored or reversed.
The absolute value of the measure of a number.
A number to the left of zero on a number line. (2 words)
The x and y coordinates of a point, placed in parentheses and separated by a comma. (2 words)
A counting number. Not a fraction or decimal. (2 words)
The x coordinate and y coordinate of a point on a coordinate plane. (2 words)
The vertical value of a point on the coordinate plane.
A portion of a whole. A way to write division. A number above a horizontal line with a number below the horizontal line.
The point on a coordinate plane where the horizontal and vertical axes cross.
The vertical number line of a coordinate plane.