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Science 9 Chemistry Review

The number of neutrons in an atom of carbon-14
Bond formed through the transfer of electrons
Property of metal that allows them to be flattened into sheets
Part of an atom with a negative charge
Group of elements that have 7 valence electrons
Compound formed between non-metal atoms
Ratio of mass to volume
A group of elements that have full valence shells
Change of state from solid to gas
A horizontal row on the periodic table
A pure substance that cannot be divided into simpler parts
Equal to the number of protons and neutrons
The number of electrons in an ion of fluorine
The number of electrons in an atom of sodium
The element with 17 protons
A type of change where a new substance is formed
Silicon is an example of this type of element
Type of mixture, an example would be milk
The most reactive group of metals
Uncharged particle in an atom