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Animal Science II: Beef Cattle Industry Review

A recurring period of sexual receptivity and fertility in many female mammals; heat.
No pasture, daily feed and water is provided by the caretaker.
Cyclic fatty acid compounds with varying hormone like effects.
A fixed amount of a commodity.
The average _____ weight of a beef cow is 1,277lbs.
Plant Materials, Leaves, and Stems such as fescue, bermudagrass, and bluegrass.
Abnormal swelling of gas in the rumen.
In a _____ the producer purchases stocker cattle and feeds them to market weight.
Removes the source of testosterone and the ability to reproduce.
Most beef cows are ______ bred, where bulls run with the cows during the breeding season.
Treat the cord with this after the birth of a calf.
Type of feeding that is supplemental and gives calves concentrates in poor milker situations.
The top state in beef cattle production.
Mother cows