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Vietnam Vocabulary

By: Trent Higgins
Southnamese communist who fought against the government of south vietnam
A name president Nixon gave to moderate mainstream americans who quietly supported the vietnam war
Lead numerous revolts for the indochinese communist control
A person who supported u.s. involvement in the vietnam war and thinks the u.s. should increase military force to win the war
A u.s. military raid on a south Vietnamese village
36th presodent of the u.s. from 1963-1969
37th president of the u.s. from 1969-1974
A person who opposed the vietnam war and believed that the u.s. should withdraw from the war
An organisation whose goal was to win vietnam's independence from foreign rule
South vietnam's president, a strong anticommunist
The idea that if a nation falls under communist control nearby nations will also fall to communist control
34th president of the u.s. from 1953-1961
A massive surprise attack by the vietcong on soth vietnamese towns and cities early in 1968
A gasoline based substance used in bombs that u.s. planes dropped in order to burn away jungle and expose vietcong hideouts
Leaf killing toxic chemical
A network of paths used by north vietnam to transport supplies to the vietcong in south vietnam
35th president of the u.s.