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Vocab Crossword (23 Terms)

Daniel Pinsky 
Period 3 
The form of the reactant.
The part of the solution that is usually present in the largest amount.
When matter can enter and escape
A reaction in which compounds break down into simpler products.
The energy is released as the products form is greater than the energy required to break the bonds of the reactants.
During a chemical reaction, matter is neither created nor destroyed.
How often a statistic increases or decreases.
A change in matter that produces one or more new substances.
Chemicals and resources made bu humans.
A heterogeneous mixture containing small, undissolved particles that do not separate or settle out if the mixture is undisturbed.
A mixture with particles that can be seen and easily separated by settling or filtration.
In reference to a solid. Become or cause to become incorporated into a liquid so as to form a solution.
The substance that is dissolved by the solvent.
Long chains of molecules that are made up of repeating units called monomers.
Substance that undergoes chemical changes.
The measure of how much solute will dissolve in a solvent.
More energy is required to break the bonds of the reactants than is released by the formation of the products.
A homogeneous mixture of a solvent and one or more solutes.
Anything naturally occurring in the environment humans use.
A change that alters the form or appearance of a substance without changing into a different substance.
Matter cannot enter or escape.
Repeated to produce same result
Made of two or more substances that are together in the same place, but their atoms are not chemically combined