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Religion, culture, and conflict

Religion, culture, and conflict
The movement of Jews away from Israel
This religion was founded by Guru Nanak
This deity is the creator according to Hinduism
The name Muslims call God
A German monk whose actions in 1517 led to the Reformation to address corruption in the Roman Catholic Church
Persons sent by a religious organization to convert others to that religion
The birth of the soul into another physical life
According to Buddhist teachings, a person who gives up desire and other negative emotions will achieve this state
The exchange of goods and services
This religion has a belief in one eternal force called Brahman
A belief in many gods
A religion founded by Abraham
The meaning of Islam
The mass slaughter by the Nazis of six million Jews and others during World War II
Sikhs follow a strict dress code which includes never cutting their ______
The use of military prowess to subjugate and control a place or people
The destroyer according to Hinduism
The founder of Islam
God made an agreement with Abraham to bless his _________
A process by which Europeans spread their religion to Africa, the Americas and other regions
In Hinduism, the negative or positive effect one receives as a result of his or her actions
A religion founded by Jesus Christ of Nazareth
The movement from one place to another
A belief in one god
A religion founded by Siddhartha Gautama
The patriarch of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
A spreading out
The crazy Roman Emperor
A fee paid to the church to relax the penalty for a sin during the Middle Ages
A religion founded in Saudi Arabia in the early AD. 600 s