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December Education

Pain assessment/POSS must be completed _____and after each pain medication administration.
New fluids and tubing must be hung when a new type of this line is placed.
Must be completed if a consent and universal protocol is completed on a patient and the patient goes off the nursing unit.
The scale used to determine opioid sedation. Must be completed with the pain assessment.
_________resistance is the ability of a microorganism to stop an antimicrobial from working against it.
Patients own medications which are unable to be returned home are kept in ER ________.
The 2019 PI Project
If a patients _____changes, the nurse will chart in the applicable assessment
Prescription pads can be found in the ________ room.
_______ Access tool should be used when determining which line a patient would benefit from most.
The preferred method of prescribing-decreases the likelihood of prescription forgeries.
Competencies are due by the end of _______.
RX scripts written by physicians must be placed in the patients ____ in the med room if the patient is not immediately discharging.
Considered first line therapy when duplication of antiemetic medications occur unless prescriber specifically states otherwise.
_______ pads can only be retrieved by a LPN or an RN.
Therapeutic ______ is a condition where multiple PRN medications are ordered for the same clinical indication without clear instructions for selecting the use of one medication over the other.
Violent restraints must be documented every _____ minutes
Description of ________ must be filled out atleast once a shift when a patient is in restraints
____pads are indicated for incontinence care.
Every attempt should be made to complete _________ prescriptions immediately prior to discharge
Non-violent restraints must be documented every ____ hours