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Buzzfeed 2016 Deaf Culture

Obama invited Haben to present at this conference to offer insight from Deaf Blind perspective with accessible technology
The discussion occurred on Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness of Deaf Oppression
Musical focused on ASL to prove the misconception of Deaf people & music. An exciting inclusive concept of musical theater.
First theater in Hawaii to offer open captioning on a regular basis
Burger King created marketing campaign to establish a sign for ________
The dancer who gave hearing audiences a taste of what it's like with no sounds through music
First Deaf-Blind Harvard Law graduate
The number of Deaf & HOH attorneys were sworn in US Court bar
National campaign to support & provide solidarity for families and friends who use ASL .
Video that went viral to spread the misconception that Deaf people can easily read lips.
Inspired by Spring Awakening, singer invited some actors to sign ASL in the music video
Marlee Matlin performed the National Anthem in ASL
Blogger who use personal experience with poor captioning & raise awareness that Deaf deserve equal access to videos
number of contemporary Americans spotlighted by the National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA)
Program that offers ASL with voice-overs and/or captioning. The goal was to make quality ASL daily news and info accessible
Deaf volleyball player to compete in summer Olympics
The country where students learned sign language to ensure that their deaf would not be left out