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Quarter 3 SBAC Vocabulary Words

English 6
to tell what you think will happen next, based on what you’ve read
an assertion of the truth of something, typically one that is disputed or in doubt.
to give a short version
something from the text as evidence or support of an idea
The underlying message, or 'big idea'
to plan and create something
given to expressing divergent or opposite views
means to tell something clearly
to decide based on evidence
means to judge how good something is
a place, person, or thing from which something comes or can be obtained
to provide the meaning of a word or phrase
a portion or section of a written work; a paragraph, verse, etc.
to back up with details and to give reasons
to explain or understand what I know about something
means to list in sequence
to look closely at parts
An idea or conclusion that's drawn from evidence and reasoning; an educated guess.
facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid
to talk about