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Teacher: Ms. Bermudez
defined as diagnosing and prescribing treatment
safeguard that someone will be able to act on the patients behalf
patient is informed about the possible consequences
NOT one of the cautions for the medical assistant's responsibility with documentation
physician may be charged if he or she does not give formal notice of withdrawal
NOT one of the four Ds of negligence
Discriminiation or unfair treatment went granting cradit
termination of the contract between a physician and patient
preparing medications for administration, you should check it
plaintiff must prove that the defendant's acts
Controlled drugs must be kept
a guide for determining what are considered fair collections practices
Schedule ________ drugs have the highest potential OF ADDICTION
There are still many areas of medical ethics for which
NOT one of the cautions for the medical assistant's responsibility with confidentiality
scandalous statement about someone
NOT one of the Patient's Bill of Rights
act in the court on behalf of the child
NOT one of principles of the American Medical Associations Code of Medical Ethics
Not part of The Doctrine of Informed Consent
MEANING OF "Let the master answer"
NOT one of the patients rights
health care professional must exercise the type of care
threat of bodily harm
deceitful practice
a wrongful act that is committed against another person
bodily harm to another person
medical assistant is responsible for making sure there is a ________ consent