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Canada - grade 6

Canada is in what two hemispheres
In Canada the two languages spoken are English and ___.
A worker's education, training, health, and skills
System with complete government control
System using bartering and trading
Actual People doing the jobs
First Canadians were believed to come from this continent
Capital City of Canada
Man made resources that a company needs in order to make goods and services
The Prime Minister is voted for this way
Early European settlers first came to Canada because of this
This country and Great Britain colonized Canada
This act encouraged peace between French Canadians and British Loyalists.
System with no government involvement, ran by the citizens
Total value of all goods and services produced in a country in one year
Gold, iron, silver, uranium, nickel are the natural resources in this area
Catholicism and this religion are the main religions in Canada
Balanced between command and market