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Criminal Law

Most visible segment of CJ system
Intent to commit theft, takes from immediate presence
Place for trial
Intentionally causes substantial physical harm/visible injury
Reasonable search
You in your LE role
Violation of a Statute
Intention originated with State Agent
Enters MV with intent to commit a felony
With intent to murder/rape/rob
Abducts or steals away without authority
Involving sex organs on one and mouth of other
Imprisonment for more than 12 Months
Building, structure intended for occupancy
Changes tag on merchandise
Genital area, groin, inner thighs
Department, commission, committee, authority
Follows/places under surveillance
Crime other than felony
Public employment is vested by law
A forum to resolve disputes
Final judgement
Right to possess
Unlawfully and with Malice causes the death of another.
Separate criminals from society
Hinder performance of duties
Make 1-10 applicable to the states
Any penetration of the female sex organ by male sex organ
Pistol, shotgun,rifle, device that propels a projectile
Where you work
Protection of rights of life, liberty and property
Excessive bail fines and punishment
Freedom of Religion, speech, and the press
An individual
Right to speedy trial
Right to bear arms
Carnal knowledge/forcibly/under 10 yrs