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Chapter 6 Science

Teacher: Miss Morgan
burning coal is an example of a _____ change
rearranges chemical bonds; forms 1 or more new substances with different properties
alters the form/size of matter not the type of matter
______ energy is released during nuclear change
an observable/measurable characteristic of matter
combination of 2 or more substances (can be physically separated)
atoms get rearranged during a _____ change
attraction that holds atoms within a molecule
oil based paint does not mix with water because oil is _____ in water
characteristic describing when and how a substance interacts with other substances
melting, freezing, and dissolving are each a _____ change
mixture where 2 or more substances are evenly distributed
unable to dissolve
nitrogen is a _____ because it us pure and has its own set of properties
an event altering the nucleus of an atom
heating water creates steam, this is an example of a _____ change