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El crucigrama de los verbos con cambios radicales

Teacher: Sra. August
You can win the trophy.
The batter eats lunch after the game.
The players defend the basket.
The waiter serves the diner in the restaurant.
The players understand the rules.
The spectators do not sleep during the game.
Which sport do you recommend?
I play a lot of baseball.
They want to win.
Y’all think about sports all the time.
He dies when he is old.
Does she prefer to watch baseball or basketball?
She asks for a new bat.
I find many balls in the field.
The teams return to the field for the second half.
The catcher returns the ball to the pitcher.
The team has a lot of players.
We begin to play the game.
The game begins at 5:00.
Y’all say that the Red Sox win a lot.
The champions did not lose the game.
They repeat the instructions.
Close the door, please.