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More than a Flag Store

What Jeff want to do at work.
Co-worker who forgot to take a vacation in 2018
A people of Indonesia
What you sigh at a spa
Do something
Stay off the rode when he's driving
Before we print procedure
They run every morning
________ owned
Marco ____
Less than two
Graphics road maps
FOD grant provider
Co-worker with 2 presidential names
KABF radio show
Rent to ____
Captain of Sales
Historically speaking place
Night before an event
Small flute in military bands
Animal rescuer
What we pay in April
Latin for "and others"
What we breath
Deli bread
Co-worker who has been in movies
Some soak in them
How some like their steaks
Lady of fame
Two timing employee
Don't ask me, ask her
Co-worker who is hemmed in
Nicky's real name
Marketing WORD for 2019
Co-worker who gave his wife a beat down
Opposite of is
Italian bread
Fine tuner of phone calls
Opposite of yes
Egg shape
Marketing heading
So what...
A family affair
Where you hear tunes
Co-worker named after the Half-Elven daughter of Elrond
He's open
He's counterpart
Mistaken shelve
Maiden name
Hard wood
Best looking number
___________ Springs, AR
Customer reminders
Slogan on our mailers because we are.
Kerry's mother's maiden name and a bird.
Where to find things
Co-workers name not to be confused with "barnyard"
What we have too much of
Songbird co-worker
Small read instrument
Custom flag process
What many ex employees do
Our Presidential proclamations
Shipping dept. least favorite task
He is now helping us fly safe
Our magazine says is all
Crazy in spanish
Tears in Heaven guitarist
Top name in a movie
West from old movies