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All About Shakespeare


His father's occupation
His first plays were this
The rhythm in which Shakespeare wrote
He is called the greatest of these of all time.
What was the name of Shakespeare's company during Queen Elizabeth's reign?
The number of children he had?
Which Theatre burned down that Shakespeare and his company used?
This caused the fire that burned down the first Globe Theatre
The Globe did not have this
He wrote these as well as plays
He is called England's national ____?
Before theatres, where were plays performed
Where was William born?
How many siblings did he have?
His longest written play
The shape of the Globe
The month of his birth and death
His shortest written play
Who did he marry? *hint* a famous actress name today
What is Shakespeare's first name?
What was the name of Shakespeare's company during King James I reign?
Name of his mother
A rich person who supported a play
He was this as well as a playwright and a poet
How long did his "lost years" last?