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HOUR _____     DATE _______________________
A group of organs working together to perform a certain function
____ is made in chloroplasts.
_____ cells do not have membrane-bound structures inside them
The framework found within the cytoplasm which helps the cell maintain or change shape
Green organelles in plant cells.
The cell membrane ____ ____ between the cell and its environment.
A _____ is also found in the nucleus
The green pigment that gives many leaves their green color
Chlorophyll captures ____ ____ that is used to make a sugar called ____.
The largest organelle is usually the _____.
An _____ is a structure made up of two or more different types of tissues that work together.
Cells have membrane-bound spaces that can store water, waste, food, etc., called _____
_____ cells have membrane-bound structures in them.
The smallest unit that is capable of performing life functions
Animals do not have chloroplasts and must get their food from the _____.
Organelles where energy is released in cells from breaking down food into carbon dioxide and water
Cellular instructions are found on the _____.
Structures found within the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells
DNA contains the code for the cell's _____ and _____.
Cell walls do 2 major things for the cell:____ ____ ____
The nucleus contains the _____ for everything the cell does
The covering of all cells, the cell _____.
A group of cells working together to do a particular job
The gelatinlike material inside all cells
T/F all animal cells are shaped the same
A cell membrane is located _____ the cell wall, if there is a cell wall.
Plant cells are enclosed in a cell _____.