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Changes in Climate Ch 17 Section 4, 8th Grade

If a large asteroid crashed into Earth, the climate of the whole _______ could change. (343)
________ and laws have helped to reduce pollution and CO2 production. (345)
Turn the _______ to a lower temperature in the winter. (345)
These variations in Earth’s orbit and tilt affect how much _________ Earth gets. (342)
A slow increase in global temperatures is called ______ _______ .
______ _______ and continental drift also affect Earth’s climate. (343)
A period of warmer weather is called an ___________ _______.
Turn the ____ ________ to a higher temperature in the summer. (345)
Many _________ think that if global warming continues, the ice at Earth’s poles could melt. (345)
Turn off _______ devices, such as lights and computers, when you are not using them. (345)
A Serbian scientist, Milutin ________, found that changes in Earth’s orbit and tilt can affect Earth’s climate. (342)
happens when ice at high latitudes expands toward lower latitudes
When a large object hits Earth, particles of dust and rock fly into the _________. (343)
________ that can cause climate change include Earth’s orbit, plate tectonics, the sun’s cycles, asteroid impacts, volcanoes, and human activities. (342)
Many scientists believe that an asteroid impact may have caused the _________ to become extinct. (343)
In fact, the amount of _______ that the sun gives off can change over time. (343)
When ________ move, the flow of air and water around the globe changes. (343)
An ________ is a small, rocky object that orbits the sun.
Volcanic ________ can affect Earth’s climate for a short time. (344)
Ride a bike, walk, or take public __________ instead of using a car to travel. (345)
A period of colder weather is called a _______ ________.
However, ______ activities can also increase the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. (345)
The __________ _______ is Earth’s natural heating process.
Some changes in Earth’s climate are caused by changes in the ______. (343)
One of the gases that absorbs sunlight in the atmosphere is _______ ________. (344)
Without the greenhouse effect, Earth’s surface would be covered in ____. (344)
Earth’s orbit around the sun is more ________ at some times than others. (342)