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Section 2: Empire Building in Africa Crossword Puzzle

They met in 1884 and 1885 which recognized both British and German claims in East Africa.
This is where Stanley found Livingstone.
Where did France impose a protectorate two years after they had settled?
Where did Stanley explore in the 1870's?
This person was sent by the New York Gerald to find Livingstone after he had disappeared.
What did France add to the colonial empire that gave them control over the largest part of West Africa?
What did Britain establish in Nigeria around the same time as the annexation?
Where did Mahdi wipe out Gordon's army in 1885?
This war lasted from 1899 to 1902 and was between the Boers and Britain.
What did Italy rename Turkish Tripoli after they invaded and seized it?
Why were zulu powerful?
This person made a fortune in gold and diamond companies which influenced Britain.
What region became a British protectorate in 1914?
In 1874, Great Britain annexed the west coastal states that became known as the first what?
This person was a medical missionary who arrived in Africa, and he stayed for 30 years. He also trekked through uncharted regions.
Incorporated a country within a state.
What did the British believe the Suez Canal was?
This name means "the rightly guided one".
During what wars did Britain seize Cape Town?
What region did France settle in?
Who converted to colonialism only to win the elections?
This person was an officer of Ottoman army in 1805 who seized power and established a separate Egyptian state.
Where did France establish a protectorate in 1912?
Who attempted to take over Ethiopia but were defeated in 1896?