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WW1 - Habeba

______ day is celebrated on November 11
Nazi National Socialism
Bristol, Fokker, Siemens are all Dogfight vehicles
Economic growth that turns a country from dusty to modern.
The most powerful, politically and socially stable country that was part of the war.
Soviet Union Largest land Most soldiers
The state of not being on any side.
Soulja boy
A vehicle that provided troops with mobile protection and firepower.
The country of: Pizza Pasta
A hole used for protection by countries that are fighting each other.
The practice that is driven by imperialism
Information spread around to harm of give an advantage to a figure or idea.
His assassination sparked the total war.
The people who took over farm jobs and factories when the men left.
Marine Bus
Manfred von Richthofen’s colorful nickname
France Great Britain Russia Japan Ireland
The idea that drives the practice of colonization.
The land between the trenches that is owned by no one only wonder woman can cross there.
Eiffel Tower Louvre Museum Notre-Dame de Paris
A total brutally raw battle
The longest and the largest battle of the world war, fought from February to December in 1916.