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California Drought

Teacher: Mrs. Smith
Group of organizations or individuals united to solve a problem
A structure such asa pond where fluid is stored
To preserve and set aside for later use
Not working or active
Use of a resource that will not deplete it
Impressive or sensational
The use of a permeable membrane to remove solute particles from a solution
Water that is slightly salty
A billion billion
To reduce use of a resource
Issued on the authority of a local government
Why we need California
Area with a relatively high population
The Greek god of the sea
To be unsure, to move cautiously
Fancy, upscale
Large urban area
To remove salt from sea water
Capable of being born or endured
Opposite of natural
To reoccur frequently; aka tardiness
Movement into an area
To suck in take a breath of air
To process of examining an issue or process carefully