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Rev. Dr. James E. Deas, Sr.
The ______ was established on Pentecost.
_______ are gifts brought to GOD beyond the tithes.
The _____ ____ system is one of the hallmarks of Methodism.
The _____ ____ is also called "the Affirmation of Our Faith."
The _____ _____ is the back bone of Methodism.
____ _____ a supernatural grace and competence manifested by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of glorifying GOD.
The ______ ____ consist of the Presiding Elder, Pastor and Members.
______ ______ all individuals coming to the A.M.E. Church on profession of saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ during worship service, prayer/revival; who have been baptized and are in good standing.
The Christian calendar is organized around Ordinary Time and ______ ______.
_______ ______ Members who are 18 years of age or over and in good standing are entitled to vote on matters related to the church at Church conferences.
______ is a natural ability that one is botn with which can be used for multiple purposes.
The _____ is the room or closet in which communion equipment, linen, and supplies are kept.
The Church is the ________ of GOD.
The ______ Ministries are the Stewardess Board, Prayer Ministry, Hospitality Ministry and Usher Boards.
The kingdom emphasizes the ______ of the Church.
The 25 ____ _ _____ represent one of the two doctrine ("teaching") of the A.M.E. Church.
Every member should know the General Confession, Apostle's Creed, the_____ ____, and the 66 Books of the Bible.
The ______Ministries of St. Matthew A.M.E.C. are the Steward/Trustee/Official Boards and The Commission on Stewardship & Finance.
The ____ is the table in the chancel that the clergy use for Communion.
The _____ ____ consist of the Pastor, officers, All Organizations, clubs, boards, presidents, chairpersons,all Class Leaders/Member
The ____ is the historic term for what might otherwise be called the foyer or entry way of the church.
______ is the OFFICIAL doctrinal stewardship position of the A.M.E. CHURCH.