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Teacher: Ms. Bermudez
LAWSUIT tried in court
physician must then provide the same knowledge, care, and skill that a similarly trained physician would
patient's contribution to the injury
written disclosures concerning the payment of any fee
begin when the problem is discovered
between individuals and the government
person 18 years or older and of sound mind to make a gift of any organ donations
to protect the public as a whole
Who has the right to select the patients they wish to treat
medical assistant is not expected to perform
Not legal implications to consider when treating a minor
coverage to cover acts of their employees during their duties
physician violates this standard of care
Touching someone without the person's consent
Obtain a parent or guardian's ________ before any procedure
Not part of The Doctrine of Informed Consent
If you knowingly overlook a hazard that a ________ would report and eliminate
allows patients to request life sustaining treatments
NOT one of the more general exceptions to the informed consent
NOT one of the "four Ds" that a patient must be able to show in order to obtain a judgment
NOT a pointer in the event you are called to give testimony