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Earth, Moon and Sun

The third planet in the solar system
A force of attraction between two things with mass
Something that makes craters in the Moon
When the Moon passes directly behind Earth and into its shadow
The location where Earth's famous crater is
The first man to step foot on the moon
An object used to view stars, planets and the Moon
Something that Earth haves but the Moon doesn't
When the moon is fully illuminated
The amount of days it takes for the moon to revolve on it's axis
The first phase of the moon
When some thing circles around another object
When the lighter side of the moon gets smaller
When the moon fully blocks the sun
When the lighter side of the moon gets bigger
The amount of time it takes for the Earth to Revolve around the sun
The amount of time it takes to see all the phases of the moon
When the Earth spins in place
The first person to see the moon
The biggest star in our solar system