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review for economics jan 2019

A financial payment by the government for certain actions
The quality of bringing satisfaction
A legislated price set below euilibrium price
A legal agreement between two entities
market structure in which the product sold is exactly the same from one supplier to the next
A tax on imports paid by the IMPORTING company
Legal protection for an invention or innovation
Any bill that proposes to spend taxpayer money must start here
A tax on an imported good paid by an individual
A legislated price set above equilibrium price
A good for which demand rises as income falls
Where buying and selling take place
The economist who defined capitalism
A work stoppage
Legal limit or goal
The willingness and ability to produce a good or service
The currency of the European Union
The word used to describe Great Britain's leaving the European Union
The integration of national economies
Legal protection for intellectual property
What is not chosen
Examining the positive and negative effects of an action
When total revenue exceeds total cost
Principles of conduct
The economist who defined Communism
The second highest valued choice
Market structure in which the producer has total market power
The willingness and ability to purchase a good or service
Goods that are consumed together
To protest by not buying a good