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Force, Motion and Gravity

Mrs. Turgeon is obsessed with this animal.
_____ first law of motion states that objects tend to keep doing what they are doing unless acted upon by a force.
Slows motion down
Changing the mass of our test car demonstrated.
_____mass = more force needed to accelerate.
A sports car will accelerate quickly because it has ____mass than a dump truck.
Speeding up
The name of Mrs.Turgeon's new pet snake.
More of this will create a slower start.
The tendency of an object to resist changes in motion.
An object in____will stay in motion.
Objects in motion stay in motion. Objects at rest stay at rest.
___ Force = more acceleration
Inertia is demonstrated using the ____trick.
The name of the sports team that won the first two Superbowls in 1966 and again in 1967.
A push or a pull
An object at ____ has a balanced force.