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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Charlotte's words were seen as a miracle or a ____________, an occurrence for which science and nature cannot provide an explanation.
Wilbur's escape caused a ____________.
The goose has a habit of repeating herself three times. She calls it an ____________, an unusual behavior.
Wilbur's experience outside the pigpen was an ____________; it was both dangerous and unusual.
A strong feeling of dislike or disapproval. The sheep felt this way when Wilbur disturbed their sleeping by calling out for his new friend.
Wilbur's ____________ --- his fate or his future --- is tied up with Templeton's because they both rely on the trough for a good meal.
Charlotte was an ____________ at weaving the messages into her web. She used the right thread and formed the letters to stand out.
Wilbur didn't know anything about what would happen to him at Christmastime; the sheep informed him of the ____________ to kill him. synonym: plot
Famous is the adjective, and ____________ is the noun.
Wilbur was small, but he had a good ____________.
When visitors came to see Wilbur and the words in the web, he always tried to live up to his ____________; for example, when the web read "radiant," Wilbur did his best to be radiant.
The droplets of water --- the ____________ --- that had formed on the web, made it stand out when the sun hit it.
Mr. Arable planned to kill the ____________ because he predicted he wouldn't grow fast enough to sell for a good price.
____________ --- or dusk--- is the time between day and night when the sky begins to turn dark.
Mr. Arable wasn't worried about Fern; he thought it was her vivid ____________ that made her say the animals talked.
A rat and a spider were the two ____________ hidden in Wilbur's crate.
Wilbur poked at the straw with his ____________.
Templeton kept a ____________ with all his treasures underneath Wilbur's trough.
Mr. Zuckerman sent the cows to the ____________ to eat the grass.
Mr. Zuckerman and his famous pig were called to the grandstand for an important ____________ where they would be honored with a speech, a medal and a prize of $25.00.
After making the egg sac and writing the messages in the web, Charlotte had lost her ____________ --- her energy.
Fern defended Charlotte to her mom and insisted that the spider would never tell a ____________ --- a lie.