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The Giver: Vocabulary

To put or arrange in a tabular, systematic, or condensed form; formulate tabularly
Uneasy or fearful about something that might happen
A person or group of persons elected or appointed to perform some service or function, as to investigate, report on, or act upon a particular matter
Also supplemental. Of the nature of or forming a supplement; additional
To flow in a broken, irregular, noisy current
Full of mental distress or uneasiness because of fear of danger or misfortune; greatly worried, solicitous
Having committed an offense, crime, violation or wrong, especially against moral or penal law, justly subject to a certain accusation or penalty; culpable
An established or prescribed procedure for a religious or other rite
To perplex (a person) by playing upon the person’s credulity; bewilder purposely
An act of transgressing; violation of a law, command, etc.; sin
Unwilling; disinclined
Deficient in human sensibility, acuteness of feeling, or consideration; unfeeling; callous
Readily or plainly seen, heard, perceived, etc.; obvious; evident
Taking place, changing, moving, etc., by small degrees or little by little
To control or direct by a rule, principle, method, etc.