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Who Is God?

Teacher: Bible Study Fellowship
He showed ____ by sending His son.
God exists outside of time.
God is right in all He does.
One being in three ____
He waits on us to grow.
We cannot understand His ways.
He alone is God.
Kind to those who don't deserve it.
He is all powerful.
He saved us from our sin.
God is Spirit, we cannot see.
All knowing.
He adopts us into His family.
He will do all He has promised.
Everything He is, does and says.
His ____ displayed throughout creation.
God does not change.
He does not give us what our sins deserve.
God can save anyone regardless.
He is present everywhere.
He made everything.
We can go to him in prayer.
God can't ignore sin.
He is high and lifted up.
He is ____ to all people.